Looking forward to 2022

As part of our commitment to our guests in these challenging times we decided not to increase our rates throughout 2021 because we were all having a tough time and to be honest it was great to have guests again who were able to get together and enjoy the local area, have long overdue family and f

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Christmas is on its way!

Its been a beautiful weekend for walking - fresh and crisp and now the snow making its seasonal appearance 

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Europe's largest Sundial Winwick

THhe Winwick Hall Sundial is now in place and is a great place to check the time during your walk - look for the telegraph pole on top of the hill!

You will find the full story is at

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7kw EV car charger portal installed

So today we have made further progress in becoming even greener. Already we have a ground source heat pump and rainwater collection, now we have embraced the era of the electric car and have the facilities for our guests to charge their cars over night during their stay.

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Try sailing at Hollowell

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Minimum Nights

Please note bookings must be for a minimum of 2 nights.