Our Green Credentials

Our Green Credentials


Since we ventured on this path back in 2015 we have strived to lessen our impact on the world by being concious of our surroundings, reusing materials and using new ways to ensure the holiday cottages are as sustainable as possible.

We are a low input farm and add no fertilisers to the grassland and you will find an array of grassland species in our fields which cary from the top where the soils are light to the heavier clays at the bottom which are fed by the many springs

The wood we planted in 2016 is growing well with a variety of native species and this will provide an area for more wildlife and birdlife to enjoy as it matures.

As we are in a catchment area for the Leam Valley, in order to slow down the runoff from our fields and building, we created a water catchment pond in front of the farm house. This took a week to excavate and we used the clay from the bottom fields to line the top pond - so we ended up with 2 ponds. The ponds have created their own ecosystems and are teaming with wildlife - insects, fish, bird and invertebrates, and now all the water from the rooves and the yard is channelled into the pond

The Farm Shop has become very busy selling local produce as I feel that buying local is very important not only for reducing food miles but also for supporting local businesses

Our cosy cottages, are heated via a ground source heat pump. There is over a mile of pipes under the surface of the field which, in my view, miraculously provides all the heat and hot water. This method has been very successful for us and again is a step to helping care for our world

We have finally managed to get recycling bins to the cottages - so we will be able to minimise the waste to landfill

We have just installed 2 electric car charging portals, and we can offer this facility to guests who will be able to charge their cars whilst they enjoy the comforts of our cottages - please ask for prices

The soaps and handwash are all made locally by Save Our Amazing Planet.

This year 2023, we are installing solar panels on the shed roof. This system will hopefully supply at least one third of the energy used here. We are also using a battery system to help with the electrical demand at night. Depending on how well this works – we may try and increase the number of solar panels.

All in all, we are trying very hard to make our holiday cottages more environmentally friendly for all to enjoy the benefit

Minimum Nights

Please note bookings must be for a minimum of 2 nights.